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The Czech motorcycle Internet is - Motorkari.cz! For twenty years, we have been the market leading motorcycle oriented web site on the Czech and Slovak Internet market. We offer comprehensive information on any topic related to motorcycles, such as up-to-date industry news, racing news, reports, videos and our own motorcycle reviews. This content is significantly more detailed than competitive print magazines offer and thanks to the online coverage and interviews also more up-to-date. On top of that, thanks to ever developing technology, readers can easily access the Motorkáři.cz site at any time from practically anywhere.

Our visitors

Motorkáři.cz is visited by active adult bikers and people interested not just in motorcycles, but also everything else that accompanies them. Average visitor is currently the owner of a motorcycle or planning to buy one.

We register more than 550 000 real visitors per month, daily statistic is more than 50 000 real users per day.




In May 2021, we have 576 893 unique visitors, statistics Google Analytics (PDF)


576 893 unique visitors / month
50 000 unique visitors / day


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Motorkáři.cz site history

The beginning, Bikers´ Database
Biker's database was launched at the new www.motorkari.cz web address.
The first on line location, where bikers could meet and place presentations of their own bikes
During the year, other functions were added, e.g. online discussion, chat, personal text advertising.

2002 - 2003
Design overhaul, new sections plus first in house new motorcycle model testing.
Site completely updated with re-design. First paying advertisers.
New services and sub-sections: For Sale, Racing, Events and Rally, Forum
First (editorial) new model reviews – to this point only published in print magazines.
First appearance of videos with articles, reviews really are "alive", a facility available only with on line publications.

2004 - 2006
Motocykl exhibition, online coverage.
Motorkari.cz takes a stand and presents its online media at “Motocykl” exhibition in Prague for the first time.
Online coverage of all the major European autumn exhibitions, including accompanying videos.
Number of visitors exceeds 100, 000 real users per month


Motorcycle Internet Leader
Reflecting ever increasing popularity and success the site undergoes another major overhaul including completely new page design and behind the scene web system of Motorkáři.cz. This major project better serves increased demand and provides a technically sound platform for future developments.
Relocation to new central offices in Prague.

New features, new connections
We extended cooperation with other big European websites, we translate and publish their content and they can use our content. We added new features to our catalogue-type services like Companies presentations, Calendar of events, Motorcycling Maps, manuals and more.


Our section

Úvodní stránka (Homepage)www.motorkari.cz
Homepage of Motorkáři.cz website is the introductory page, which enables access to our articles and other services. This page is seen by users after typing our web address.

Články (Articles)www.motorkari.cz/clanky
There is a full-value motorcycle „magazine“in this section alone. It would take more than 100 pages monthly, if printed to paper! We publish articles and hot news from motorcycle and accessory sectors, our own reviews of new motorcycles, scooters, quads and equipment, reports, interviews and more. Every year we present more than 130 new model reviews, cover more than 50 events and inform our readers of all interesting new from the motorcycle world. Increasingly the reviews and coverage are supplemented by our own videos and we plan to continue developing the multimedia content on the site. Topicality is our primary concern and biggest advantage - the most important events are covered online, as they happen. We receive big feedback too on our online coverage and reports from Races, Exhibitions, Rallies and other events.

Sport (Racing)www.motorkari.cz/motosport
This is a special section for motorcycle racing, covering many branches of bike sport, which includes daily news from the road race, enduro and cross racing worlds as well as coverage of motard and speedway. We focus on Czech racing and events providing large photo galleries, interviews and rankings. We are also a media partner for many racing cups and also cooperate with the Brno and Most circuits.


Motokatalog (Bikekatalog)www.motokatalog.cz
Technical database of all models and brands will be launched with links to reviews and other functions.

Bazar (For sale)www.motorkari.cz/motobazar
Offering second hand bikes and equipment from private owners and import merchants (bazary), incorporating a technically advanced search engine covering the largest offer and demand in the motorcycle market. Buying contract templates, a public database of stolen motorcycles and other accompanying functions and services are also available.

Katalog firem (Companies Register)www.motorkari.cz/firmy
Online database of motorcycle companies on the Czech market with fast search tool - easy to find nearby service, repair, shop - exactly what you need or want to buy. Our reviews of motorcycle businesses are based on our own actual real world visits and experiences with them.

Cestování (Travel) www.motorkari.cz/cestovani
This section is dedicated to motorcycle travelling. Visitors can read motorcycle travel gear reviews and experiences, find information on foreign countries or just enjoy reading hundreds of travel stories from our correspondents. There is also accommodation database and online maps for bikers.

Motoakce (Events) - www.motorkari.cz/motoakce

Visitors can insert their own events to a central Calendar, search for an event on any date.


Fórum (Discussion)www.motorkari.cz/forum
Our extensively visited discussion forum is not only a very rich source of experiences, advice and opinions, but also a lot of fun. Every biker can find his/her own „blood-group“, whether he prefers to talk about a particular motorcycle, travelling, racing or just wishes to chat with like minded bikers.

Vision to the future

We aim to continue advancing the development of our exclusive web portal for every biker and motorcycle company, including expanding our services and surrounding areas. We have launched a special server for Quad fans called Quadmania.cz, with additional relevant new sections and services. Future plans include the addition of special space for scooters, vintage bikes...

Media cooperation and support

For our visitors, we organize attractive competitions and symposiums. We have established media cooperation with the main race circuits in Most and Brno plus we support various racing and other events related to motorcycles, e.g. freestyle show, enduro cups, quad racing, dragster cups, motocross races plus main motorcycle rallies and shows. We cooperate with Integrovaná střední škola automobilní (ISŠA) a school educating motorcycle mechanics.

We also support many individual projects, travelers, stunt riders and racers, such as - Jakub Kornfeil, Ondrej Klymciw, Jakub Smrz, Martin Krátký, Igor Brezovar and others.


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Phone: +420 720 345 192

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