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The banner advertisement occupancy rate overview

The preview of the banner position

The advertisement occupancy rate
The price of all the banner advertisements from all the sections for months: 0 Kč
Sale: 0 Kč
Your price after 0% sale: 0 Kč
  • For the campaign we prepare and make a banner according to your wish. Just send via email the logo, text and pictures. + 900 Kč excl. VAT
  • Offered sales for the campaign: 1 month = 5%, 2 months = 10%, 3 months = 15%, 6 months = 20%, 9 months = 25%, 12 months = 30%
  • We offer the possibility of self-governing banner changing during the month depending on the current needs. You can change the banner e.g. every week in the administration.
Advertisement price list

Banners should meet the following requirements:

1/ It must have the correct size for the required position.
2/ It must not contain vulgarisms or other unethical or illegal elements.
3/ Banners must not contain sounds, the advertisement must not be excessively aggressive in the sense of trembling, flicking, aggresive change of colours or other elements which might disturb the user while working with the website.
4/ It must not contain operating components of operation systems and must not look like system notice.
5/ The banners in Flash format must not extremely burden the CPU, e.g. by several layers of pictures and animation. Further it must not exceed the allowed data limit 200kB.
6/ The banner in Flash (SWF) format must contain the definition of clickthru so that it is possible to count the statistics of the number of clicks:

on (release) {
	if (!_root.clickthru && _root.clickTag) {
		_root.clickthru = _root.clickTag;
	getURL(_root.clickthru, _root.clickTarget);

If you want to display your banner also on Apple devices, prepare the alternative in the format JPG or GIF. Flash banner is not supported on Apple devices with the operation system iOS. Instead, there will be displayed JPG or GIF banner.

More information about banners here.