Téma: Menší boční kufry na naked
21.1.2023 v 17:31
Hledám a hledám a nic z toho.Potřeboval bych menší boční kufry na Z 900 a GSX S 1000 oboje rv. 2021,líbily se mi kufry Shad SH 23,ale ty prý nepasují na jejich system 3P,tam pasují jen SH 35 a SH 36.Nerad bych tam měl lešení jak na barák.Prosím o nějaké tipy a zkušenosti.Karl.

Menší boční kufry na naked

21.1.2023 v 18:57 | Nahoru | #1
Shad SH23 side cases

The SH23 side cases are characterized by elegance, lightness and functionality. They are aerodynamic, resistant and waterproof. The entire 23-liter volume is usable, while the upward-opening case lids allow the biker to reach the contents without getting off the bike.


An additional locking cylinder is included to lock the side cases and top case together
Opening and closing with only one hand, no key is needed
The key is only used to lock and secure the cases to the motorcycle
Change Colour System covers available
Patented 3P System is used for mounting (not included)
Integrated design: by eliminating the typical rectangular frame and reducing it to just one arm in the shape of a horizontal "L", the mount is much better integrated into the motorcycle
Position: all the weight is supported as far as possible towards the center of gravity of the motorcycle, resulting in more safety and stability while riding
Flexible anchorage: the 3P system provides through in a slight oscillation of the cases, which allows the air to pass better around the cases, more safety and stability while riding

Menší boční kufry na naked

21.1.2023 v 21:16 | Nahoru | #2
no ja si myslim,ze v univerzalu nic mensiho a hezciho,nez je 3P nenajdes.

Menší boční kufry na naked

21.1.2023 v 21:18 | Nahoru | #3
mam ty 36tky a ony nejsou zase tak velke a myslim,ze vypadaji hodne dobre.

Menší boční kufry na naked

23.1.2023 v 16:03 | Nahoru | #4

Menší boční kufry na naked

24.1.2023 v 19:06 | Nahoru | #5
Kua já mám SH23 na 3P už rok na Tuonu. Ještě že mi nikdo neřekl že tam nepasují

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