ČZ 125/519 (1992)

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Not complete. Got it on a trade deal. Been sitting in a barn for 20 years. In very good condition in my opinion.

Výška jezdce: 5 cm

První dojmy - I had never heard of CZ. I knew of JAWA. But didnt know the where associated. So when I was offered this bike as a trade for a kx500 parts bike I jumped on it. However I didnt know there bikes were limited in numbers in the US and also parts for it even more of a myth so to speak lol. Im currently restoring it.


So far I can't really speak on the experience of the bike because I have been unable to ride it due to lack of parts. I have managed to find a cylinder, piston, rings, head, carb intake boot (rubber) and a operators manual. Currently the last major components I'm missing our expansion chamber and power valve.

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Hey, amazing to hear this CZ lives as far as the US! Hope you'll find the missing bits and pieces soon... I can imagine CZ and Jawa bikes are quite rare in the US... FYI, I'm attaching a photo of a famous US actor James Dean ("Rebel Without a Cause") whose first bike happened to be a CZ125A. The bike is now in a museum in Fairmount, IN. All the best and have fun with your bike

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