Super Duke GT dostane lepší elektroniku


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marna (3) napsal 24.11.2021 v 21:39

Asi to nepotrebovalo len lepšiu elektroniku... referát "spokojného" majiteľa spoza Veľkej mláky:

I previously owned a 2017 KTM Super Duke 1290R (2nd Gen) for two years and 25,000 miles. It was THE most fun bike I’ve EVER owned, and I’ve owned quite a few! I’m an experienced senior rider.

However, it turned out to be a real “beast” of a PITA due to the numerous, repeated electronic and mechanical issues: front master cylinder replaced, left switchgear replaced three times, bad clutch switch, moaning front brake rotors (dealer said it was “normal”), frequently not recognizing the fob, so it wouldn’t start, open the gas cap or lock the forks, TFT kept resetting the time and date, etc.

The final straw was a leaky radiator that had to be replaced for over $1,000 out of pocket. It was past the 2 year warranty, and the Aegis extended warranty refused to pay, as they claimed that my Radguard radiator guard caused the leak. No, many owners in the forums report radiator leaks caused by the radiator sagging due to insufficient structural mounts, even in the new third generation.

So, much as I like the 890R, I’d be EXTREMELY wary of EVER buying a KTM again!

Pavel-at (19) napsal 24.11.2021 v 20:11

Kdy bude test?

Brukev (390) napsal 24.11.2021 v 19:56

Ten letmak je supercool ... cestovní střela